Top 5 AstonCine Alternatives

AstonCine is one of the best streaming applications that enable users to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, web series, and other videos for free. It’s a rebranded version of the famous streaming platform named ZeniTevi and comes with the exact cool User-Interface. This makes AstonCine easy to use and stream the content in.

AstonCine provides hundreds of movies & TV shows from different countries and languages using multiple server links. Also, it provides the option to download the content for offline streaming. Although, you can find almost all types of videos on AstonCine, sometimes either a server or app doesn’t work. It may happen due to bugs or issues in the newly updated version. In this case, you can try out these top 5 apps that work as an alternative to AstonCine.

Cyberflix TV

It’s an easy-to-use application that allows you to watch unlimited content from different categories for free. Here, you can stream as well as download the latest videos from varied server links in a few clicks. Also, the app provides frequent content updates to make sure that the user gets the latest movies in high quality. Cyberflix TV has a simple UI that provides all the necessary features to easily search and find the content they like to watch.


BeeTV is yet another application that is famous among the freebees like us. The app features a huge library of the latest movies & TV shows from different countries and sources. Also, you can enjoy the latest Anime shows, Korean Drama, animated movies, and live TV channels for free. In summary, it’s a one-stop solution that accumulates all the content from different categories on a single platform.

Viva TV

Viva TV is yet another application that can be sued as an alternative for AstonCine. It provides high-quality streaming links through multiple servers. It enhances your experience in both streaming and downloading the content. Moreover, you can add subtitles on the default media players with a single click. Here, you can find the latest content released all around the world in HD quality. Moreover, you can install the app on devices like Firestick, Xbox, Roku, etc.

Cinema HD

CinemaHD is considered to be one of the best streaming applications available on the internet. It provides regular updates in the form of the latest movies, web series, and TV shows from different categories. It features high-quality streaming links that allow the user to enjoy their favorite content and get a buffer-free experience. If AstonCine isn’t working, you can download CinemaHD and stream the videos you want.


We cannot complete this list without mentioning CucoTV. This isn’t the oldest application but provides all the features that’ll give you a whole new streaming experience. It has a clean UI without any advertisements, which means you can stream videos without getting interrupted by annoying pop-ups. Plus, it gives you notifications for the latest movies & TV shows updated on the application.

Final Words

Hope you got some information about the top 5 Aston alternatives you can go for, in case the original app doesn’t work. Also, it’s good if you know about multiple applications because these apps get frequently removed from the internet. So, try out some of these applications and enjoy your favorite content for free.

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